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Creative Writer, Artist, & Thinker


A woman (Jeni) sits on a chair inside a house and smiles at the camera

From Art Student to Writer

Life doesn't always go as planned.

Artistic through my childhood, I ended up studying a Fine Art BA in London. But I was hit by a personal tragedy and left during the second year.


Catapulted into an unexpected trajectory, I chose to do English Literature as a mature student because I loved stories.


From Marketer to PR Writer 

My own creative writing held my hand through this and another bereavement that came at the end of my 20's. I learned to write stories as a hobby whilst doing marketing in a role for a public sector organisation and completing a Freelance Journalism diploma.


In 2019 I took on my first freelance client.

This client is a high-profile figure for whom I did a lot of PR writing, as well as promo copy for their organisation. 

I learned the power of a compelling, authentic personal story and how this can grow an audience in a way that builds trust and creates genuine connection and long-term loyalty. 

a hand holding a pen and writing in a notebook with a mug of drink in the background
A woman (Jeni) sits on a chair facing side on and looking out of the window

From Writer to Copywriter

Though I had learned to write long-form pieces, I knew I was missing some knowledge about sales writing. So, during the first lockdown of 2020 (hello, homeschool as well!), I trained with world-class copywriting agency, The Creative Copywriter and I honed my storytelling skills so that my passion for stories could collide with techniques that ensure my words would connect with people, capture attention, and build trust. (They ended up becoming a client, too! And I utilize their quality assurance tool, The Thirteen Lenses in my process).


Storytelling is an essential component of any business's messaging (especially if you're a service provider) and I am passionate about unleashing the power of an insight-driven, well-told narrative that creates that emotional connection with your ideal client. 

A Foray into Counselling

I have always been a sensitive-type and after my second bereavement, I wanted to be a support to others. I took an Introduction to Counselling Diploma at Chichester College and learned how to listen. 

Though I decided not to pursue this as a career, I realised its an essential part of how I work with clients. Being a service provider, solopreneur, lone wolf (however you want to refer to yourself) is tough. You may have ideas about how you want to present yourself and your services to others, and tell your story, but you keep slapping those ideas down. Or feel like an imposter. Or get confused by other opinions and advice. 

My copy+coffee service aims to give you that listening, empathetic ear so you can share your ideas about your brand story and get a knowledgeable and strategic opinion.

A woman (Jeni) sits on a chair holding a cup of tea and smiling at the camera
A tall, thin ceramic vase with a 3D flower sculpted on the side

Constant Creative 

In my own time I have always pursued creativity. After dropping out of my Art degree, I sort of switched off from art. Assuming that because I didn't get this qualification I could never call myself an artist. I had a bit of an awakening during the first COVID-19 lockdown after reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and realised that no one should dampen my creativity, least of all me. 

I paint, sculpt, crochet, and I play piano. Whether I do these things well isn't really the point (at least I keep trying to tell myself that!).

I believe expressing myself creatively amplifies my creativity in my work for clients as well as resets my mind. So, you might see bits & bobs about this in my content. 

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