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From Art Student to Writer

Life doesn't always go as planned.

Artistic through my childhood, I ended up studying a Fine Art BA in London. But I was hit by a personal tragedy and left during the second year.


Catapulted into an unexpected trajectory, I chose to do English Literature as a mature student because I loved stories.


From Writer to Copywriter

My own creative writing held my hand through this and another bereavement that came at the end of my 20's. I learned to write stories whilst doing marketing in a role for a public sector organisation and in 2019 I took on my first freelance client.

After training with world-class copywriting agency, The Creative Copywriter, I honed my storytelling skills so that my passion for stories could collide with techniques that ensure my words would connect with people, capture attention, and build trust.


Storytelling is an essential component of any business or high-profile figure's messaging and I am passionate about unleashing the power of an insight-driven, well-told narrative that's as addictive as a John Grisham page-turner.

Another you should know is, I don't like how marketers can talk about customers or clients like they're pawns in their plans to accrue loads of money.


We're all humans, and if we speak human to human and genuinely solve problems, there's room for us all to do well in business.


So, here's more about me with a little analysis of my professional I-have-it-all-together photo, which was taken 10 years ago and will be updated at some point. 

There's a good amount of knowledge in my noggin after doing an English degree, a Freelance Journalism Diploma, copywriting training with world-class copywriting agency (The Creative Copywriter), and over five years experience in marketing and communications

I pretty much always have some sort of bangs, at the moment my hair is shorter. 

I recognise the need for my photo to look professional and like I'm a reliable human. But these photos also make me cringe a bit. I think you can be yourself in marketing and attract your ideal clients, no need for arm-twisting.

I used to live by the sea and I miss it! 

Creativity is a passion of mine and I love the way copywriting allows me to write using both sides of my brain.  I am a hobby artist and dabble in creative writing too. 

I'm smiling because I'm thinking of all the business people I'm going to help tell their story... (not really, I'm smiling because a bird pooped on my head and down my top on the way to this shoot and I had to buy that stripey top). 

I much prefer listening to talking (honestly). I did a Diploma in Counselling, which is handy because I think listening, empathy and being open to new perspectives is essential in copywriting.

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