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Have an About Page you can be proud of

I can help you gain clarity on your brand, define what sets you apart from the rest, and tell your story in a way that feels authentic and resonates with your target customer. 

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About you

Have you ever felt stuck trying to describe what you do? I know I have–and I'm a copywriter! 


You're an entrepreneur and business owner where the service revolves around you and your expertise but you find yourself looking at other people in your industry and feeling envious of how clear their messaging is, how well they can connect with their target customer, and how their business seems to be thriving. Sound familiar?

Do you also find yourself despising all the cliches and empty promises circulating in your niche? You don't want to manipulate people to buy something they don't need. You want to show up with your solution to a problem you know to be prevalent amongst your prospects and communicate it in a way that grabs their attention. 

You want to reach your ideal prospect with authenticity, sharing your values and your story in a way that feels true AND makes them want to work with you. But right now, your about page doesn't resonate with your target client. Heck, it doesn't even resonate with you.


And here's the kicker, without having done the work to make your about page 100% you, all your messaging is probably off-kilter. 


Whether you're just setting up your business, or perhaps you know you need to revamp things, I can take you through a process to create a personal brand you feel aligned with that is strategically aimed at your ideal customer. From there we can write your about page (and any other website pages/emails/social media profiles) so that it tells your story in a way that your customer connects with.  

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This isn't me. My house isn't that chic. 

But that pic represents that it's not all about me, it's about you. I'm the person behind the camera helping you to get into focus. 

About me

I'm going to be honest here. I find it hard to write an about page about myself. I have the skills and know-how to sell myself and tell my story. But it gives me (what do the kids say these days?) ...

Ah yes, the ICK. 

It's the same sinking feeling you get when you know you need to update your CV and write a cover letter. It's hard to talk about yourself. Sometimes it's hard to actually KNOW yourself. 

I've had to talk it out with people close to me so many times. 

What is my business for? Whom do I want to serve? What's my unique selling point? How do I connect with my customers through my story?

I also despise the manipulation tactics used in some advertising and marketing. I truly believe if you have done your market research and have a viable market for your service, you just need clear messaging about the problem you solve that resonates with your ideal customer. And you need a brand story that helps you stand out (as well as one that's authentic). 


My top skill is not writing

Don't get me wrong, my freelance journalism diploma, training with a copywriting agency, and five years experience in communications and marketing have made writing a close second. 


In 2017 I did an Introduction to Counselling Diploma. I'm a naturally quiet person anyway who prefers to listen instead of speak, but this course helped me learn what good listening really involves. My approach to helping business owners who are usually going it alone, is supportive. 

I listen with sensitivity and empathy as you share your story and all that has come before this point in time and led you to start your business, ensuring your about page stays true to what you want it to be. 

Case Study: Roma Loves Yoga

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