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About Page

Not a writer? No problem. This service will get you an About Page written by a copywriter that knows their stuff (me!). But also, a messaging strategist that can help you define what's unique about you and your service by looking at your story and telling it in a way that resonated with your ideal client or customer (also me). All turned around in a week (and not typed on a typewriter).

About Page

You can string a sentence together. Perhaps you work in marketing, too. But it's proving hard to get this done and you also know you're lacking the strategy needed to not sound like every other [insert industry role]. We can chat things through. You write. I review. Simples. 

I'll also chuck in a 3 or 6 month down the line review to see if it's landing. 



This is kind of like an audit. You send me your website link and answer just five questions in advance. I'll read your about page and then we'll spend an hour together chatting through what could change. Or talking about whatever you want to do with your brand and visibility. Get some confidence in your ideas and let's get you moving forward.

My Process



Understanding your clients/customers and their problems and priorities is key for writing copy that will resonate.

So is understanding you and your story. 

This stage can involve surveys and possibly interviews with your customers, strategy call/s with you, some market research (thankfully my business has access to market research expertise for this bit), and a little look at your top competitors. 



Taking everything I've learned from the research stage. I will write your copy using all the skills I have acquired through my copywriting training, years of marketing experience, freelance journalism diploma, and knowledge of creative storytelling.

I write all the deliverables on Googledocs so you can easily comment and send it with a Loom video to explain my ideas. 



This is a collaborative process so I welcome your feedback and believe this stage will result in the strongest final copy. Every service involves one round of revisions and one round of tweaks (subject to feedback being delivered within 7 days). 

In my about page services, I also offer a 3-month post-publish review. 


Nab my free about page guide to get clear on your brand story & help make selling yourself less painful

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