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January Lists: First and foremost I'm a...

Alphabet advocate

Bestseller wannabe

Crafter of couplets

Describer of scenes

Enthusiastic pen pal

Final draft fan

Grammar slave

Hero journey homie

Inner world insider

Juggler of letters

Killer of jargon

Lexicon builder

Metaphor master

Noun chooser

Onomatopoeia friend

Punctuation pedant

Question answer-er

Resolution raider


Teller of stories

Undertaker of adverbs

Verb stylist

Word wielder

eXtensive editor

Yarn spinner

Zeitgeist depicter

In other words, I'm a writer first.

A marketer and strategist, second.

About January Lists: I want to add more content to my website but realised, that with a Bebe in tow, time is limited. So, for January, I'm going to be populating my blog with lists. Maybe it will go on for longer, who knows. I'm all for respecting the impact of SEO, but also doing what works as a priority. Plus, SEO isn't going to help me if I can only put out a long-form, keyword-rich post twice a year.

I can get across quite a bit of information about me, my business, and what I believe and know with some punchy lists. And maybe you'll appreciate some quick, digestible content too.


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