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Your small business has a big story

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Let's tell it and get you noticed

Does this sound like you?

Your small business is all about you. Your service, your skills, your knowledge. 

But at the moment, your website About Page reads like a dull CV and you’re about as noticeable as a sardine in a shoal of sardines. 

You’re eying up your competition and constantly feeling inadequate. 

🤩They seem so confident. 

🤩They know what to say on socials. 

🤩Their offer is so clear. 

🤩Their target audience is obvious and this audience is loyal, engaged, and BUYING.

🤩Their messages are consistent across all their marketing.

🤩Their business and their influence is growing.

You want to get more leads with less effort. And not just any leads, the right ones that help you achieve your goals and do the work you love.  


You want to move forward. 


You want to:

➡ ️ Market yourself less hard because as soon as you show up and speak into your target client’s problem, their ears prick up and they want to know more. 

Have a clear brand narrative that both represents you and resonates with your target audience. 

➡ Tell your business story in a way that gets you noticed.

Know exactly what you need to say across all your marketing to be noticed by your target audience.

Generate more leads for your business simply by showing up.

Feel confident because you don’t have to be super salesy or fabricate things to generate leads. You can be yourself and it will get you noticed. 

Be true to your story, your values and your personality. 

Do you really need a brand?

A woman (Jeni) holds a sign saying 'your story'

~Branding is the pull, marketing is the push~

A brand creates that emotional connection to your ideal client.


It provides familiarity and consistency.


And both of these generate trust.


A brand narrative is the story that is unique to you that creates empathy and connection between you and your target audience. 

A strategic brand narrative is the story that is unique to you told through the lens of your customer, their problems, and the transformation your service will bring them. 

My About Page service takes you a few steps further from just a logo, some colours and fonts. It’s about getting down to the foundations of your strategic brand narrative. 

And then providing website copy that communicates those key messages and your story in a way that will resonate with your ideal audience.

What's it got to do with your About Page?

In my view, an About Page is often the most overlooked page on a personality-led business website.


But it’s foundational to your business's brand. It’s where you tell your strategic narrative most transparently and build that emotional connection

But to get it right, you need to do the strategy work first


Do you remember that scene in Pride and Prejudice, when Elizabeth turns up at Pemberley (Mr Darcy’s house)?


As she wanders through the property, more about his nature is revealed and her growing feelings for him escalate. It’s a pivotal moment. 

Imagine your marketing content is a house. Your prospects visit your website and are exploring whether you can solve their problems and whether they can trust you.

The foundations to a great house that captivates their hearts quicker than Darcy emerging from that lake are your strategic brand narrative, your USP, and messaging strategy. 

The ground floor, with that regal portrait of you, is your About Page.


It presents the strategy work in story form that your prospects can understand, be engaged by, and connect with. 

Which is why my service includes the strategy and the story (About Page). From there, you have the foundations and ground floor to build on with a homepage and other website pages that run with your key messages and brand narrative.

A photo showing the spines of four vintage style Jane Austen booksAusten

Are you ready?

Maybe this is unexpected for a sales page, but I’m not going to make you some outlandish promises about ROI that push you to part with hard earned cash when you don’t feel ready to. 

But, if you are looking to invest in your business and see the next level of growth. Here’s what you’ll get from working with me:

  • Clarity about who your target audience is, what their problems are, and how you solve them

  • A clear ‘lane’ that you run in that is distinct from your competitors

  • 3-5 clear messages that will be your north star when it comes to sharing content, making it quicker and easier to generate

  • Confidence in yourself, you’re point of view, and your brand

  • A clear brand story and USP you can use to pitch yourself as well as write marketing copy

  • A listening ear (someone to affirm your ideas and encourage you-it’s a lonely path littered with self-doubt being a solopreneur even if you have a small team)

A photo of a woman (Jeni) with a side on view as she looks out of the window and holds a cup of tea
"Many people reached out to say they resonated with my story. My class is now largely full and I get most students through my website. Thank you Jeni for using the words I didn't have."

Roma, Roma Loves Yoga

About Page service packages

Story + Strategy package

  • A brand narrative and messaging strategy, which includes:

    • Competitor analysis.

    • Buyer persona

    • Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

    • Brand positioning statement

    • Your unique point of view

    • Tone of voice summary

  • Your About page rewritten

  • One round of revisions on the strategy, and one round of revisions on the About page.


Story + Strategy PLUS

Everything in the Story + Strategy package plus copy for all the other pages of your website. 


Below is an approximate price for a 5-page website (including About Page). If you have more pages I will send you a quote. 

£1997 approximately

(depending on the number of pages on your website)

Story package

Perhaps you’ve done the strategy work and you want a fresh, creative retelling of your brand story.


This services includes:

  • Your About page rewritten

  • One round of revisions



If you want some input rather than the copy done for you, spend an hour with me chatting through your positioning, USP, messaging strategy, and copy. 


- 1-hour pre-call prep

- 1-hour call

- A summary of our conversation emailed to you


My sevices

My Story + Strategy packagewill be 25% off at £749for the first five bookings only.

type me a message

Get in touch to ask me anything about my services

and we can go from there!

Thanks - speak soon!

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This is my actual typewriter, which I use for personal writing projects

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