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Who I Am

Hello! I'm Jeni, and I am a copywriter and ghostwriter for SME's, high profile figures and philanthropists. 


Here's a couple of questions for you:

Are you fed up of speaking into a void?

Are you tired of eating into profits to make a sale with price-slashing tactics?

The truth is when people are inspired they take action. But not only once–they tend to come back. They become fans and promoters and eagerly await your next project or product launch. They give feedback and engage.

So, do you want one-transaction customers? Or loyal fans who will pay what your product or service is worth?


If the latter, you need to inspire through your copy and messaging.


And I can help you there.

Storytelling is an essential component of any brand or high profile figure's messaging and I am passionate about unleashing the power of an insight-driven, well-told narrative that's as addictive as a John Grisham page-turner and inspires your customer to take action. 

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