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January Lists: Elements that every story needs

  1. Details that are described in advance of them being relevant.

  2. Aha! moments.

  3. Descriptions which show and don't tell.

  4. A conflict.

  5. Emotional insight into the characters.

  6. Descriptions that trigger an image with just two or three details.

  7. A main character that is recognisable, but isn't like all the others.

  8. A villain the reader wants to see defeated.

  9. A guide that has empathy and authority.

  10. Entertaining subplots.

Every story needs the above, in my view, including brand stories.

I'll elaborate on each one in upcoming posts.

vintage Jane Austen books

About January Lists: I want to add more content to my website but realised, that with a Bebe in tow, time is limited. So, for January, I'm going to be populating my blog with lists. Maybe it will go on for longer, who knows. I'm all for respecting the impact of SEO, but also doing what works as a priority. Plus, SEO isn't going to help me if I can only put out a long-form, keyword-rich post twice a year.

I can get across quite a bit of information about me, my business, and what I believe and know with some punchy lists. And maybe you'll appreciate some quick, digestible content too.


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