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January Lists: Things that made 2023 better

I want to add more content to my website but realised, with a Bebe in tow, time is limited. So, for the month of January I'm going to be populating my blog with lists. Maybe it will go on for longer, who knows. I'm all for respecting the impact of SEO, but also doing what works as a priority. Plus, SEO isn't going to help me if I can only put out a long-form, keyword-rich post twice a year.

I can get across quite a bit of information about me, my business, and what I believe and know with some punchy lists. And maybe you'll appreciate some quick, digestible content too.

This list is about things I introduced or did in 2023, which helped make it better than previous years.

List 1: Things that made 2023 better

  1. Having a business coach (just seven sessions helped massively).

  2. Using Notion.

  3. Putting my phone in other rooms.

  4. Compartmentalising 'mum time' and 'work time' (a phone can make me think I can do both at once, it's a deception).

  5. Getting into manageable habits for my spiritual life so it doesn't fall by the wayside.

  6. Using my slow cooker on the weekend to make plant-heavy meals for lunches/dinners.

  7. Doing a social media challenge for the month of November just to get going.

  8. Using templates for my first week of posting on LinkedIn (to get me started but I will not use templates going forward).

  9. Spending time NOT listening to content.

  10. Setting screen time limits on my phone, even if I regularly ignore them I think they do give me pause for thought about why I'm still on Instagram. If it's not purposeful, I'm out.

  11. Joining freelance networks.

  12. Taking time over my new positioning and offers so I can be sure I'm crafting something that will solve a real problem.

  13. Giving time and resources away.

  14. Being intentional about the things that help me to wind down and not waiting for overwhelm to hit before I do them.

  15. Making art.

  16. Finishing crochet projects and realising that finishing things that aren't work-related gives me confidence in myself.

  17. Making new friends.

  18. Shopping on Vinted.

  19. Getting professional photos done for my website.

  20. Accepting all the feelings that come from juggling work and parenting and choosing to find joy in both.


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